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The Genval Lake
In the early 20th century, a wealthy landowner, Gustave Smets-Mondez decided to create a spa centre on the Genval site.  However, the site needed its own stretch of water.  The valley was flooded and the Genval Lake was created to achieve his goal.


Rixensart Château
The Rixensart Château took its final form in the 17th century.  Since 1715, it has been the ancestral home of the Princes of Mérode.
Visitors can enjoy beautiful rooms filled with remarkable paintings, arms and precious furniture. Visits by appointment only. 
Info: +32 02 653 69 37 (Tourist Information Centre of Rixensart)


The Château du Lac
Built at the very beginning of the 20th century, it initially housed the bottling plant of the Genval-les-Eaux company before becoming Schweppes's head office for the following 50 years.
This copy of an ancient Rhenish monastery is now a hotel complex (the only 5-star hotel in Wallonia) and a conference centre of international reputation.

chateau_heron The Château du Héron (the Heron Manor House)
The Château du Héron, dating back to 1912 and built in Louis XV style, became the Town Hall in 1950.  A heron sits on one of the chimneys, keeping a watchful eye on the comings and goings of the municipal agents and wedding processions.
ferme_woo La Ferme de Woo (Woo Farm)  is the ancestral home of the Lords of Rosiébois, Cense-du-Haut.  Its massive 14th century tower dominates the square court yard and the town of Rosières, with its thick white sandstone brick walls.
The farmhouse is situated on the edge of two ancient pathways: one coming from Waterloo via Genval, the other one connecting Wavre to Hoeilaart.

A bit further away

The Folon Foundation at La Hulpe
The famous Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon placed more than five hundred pieces of work in the farmhouse of the Castle of La Hulpe.  This charming and distinctive building in the middle of the marvellous Solvay Park is home to more than forty years of creation.

Abbey of Villers-la-Ville
The Abbey of Villers, located in a domain of more than 36 hectares, is an inspiring and emotional destination. Its' foundation dates back to the 12th century, under the impetus of Saint Bernard.  Today, its majestic ruins are one of the most prestigious accounts of the life of the monks of the Cistercian Order.

Waterloo Battlefield
Situated close to Brussels, the Waterloo battlefield has been preserved almost as it was in 1815.  Come and learn about the course of this great battle from European history which pitted Napoleon's troops against those of Wellington and Blücher.  Take your place in the « Battlefield Tour » with sound effects and relive the highlights of the battle on site.  Discover the Panorama: a huge360° fresco of the battle.


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