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Its Missions


The issue of water is a major challenge of our century, spiraling each day, epitomizing our era.  
The Museum of Water and Fountain's mission is to raise awareness regarding these important issues, to an audience as wide as possible through thematic exhibitions, tours, entertainment for children, a documentation centre ...
Our educational and information policy helps promote active citizenship.

and fountains

Once again, water spouts from fountains of old!  In an atmosphere of poetry and nostalgia, you will be led back into times past, when our great grandmothers did all their washing by hand. The village fountain, source of life itself, played an important role in daily life, the heart of all news and bustle. 
The Museum of Water and Fountains wishes to reappraise and promote this cultural heritage: publishing articles, organizing cultural activities, restoration of fountains...

It's history

In 1983, Jean-Pierre Courtois publicly declares his passion for fountains, a past heritage of public utility too often neglected today. 

1984: First exhibition in Virginal on subject of the fountains of Belgium.  This exhibition draws no less than 1300 visitors during a weekend. 

1985: Publication of an author's book "Fontaine, si tu m'étais contée…".   Published at 1,000 copies, this book was the topic of many newspaper articles, radio and TV programmes. 

1986: Creation of the "Friends of the Museum of Fountains" association and second exhibition on fountains of Belgium. 

1989: Thanks to the generosity of John C. Martin, the association is housed in its present premises and opens to the public.   

1995: A stamp of the Belgian Post is issued in honour of the Museum of Water and Fountains.



1999: HRH Prince Laurent visits the Museum to mark its first decade


Today, the museum is closed permanently in Genval. The educational service is  relocate in the Provincial Estate "Bois des Rêves" in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve since september. The Museum's collections are no longer accessible, but school and family activities continue.

From 1989 to-day, the Museum of Water and Fountains has staged several exhibitions around the theme of fountains including « Fountains of Paris », « Fountains of Rome », « Fountains of Switzerland », … as well as other themes : « Man and Water », « The Banter of the Water, Views of Africa », « the Smurfs in the Land of Fountains »,…