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Exhibition "Fontaines de Belgique"

drapeau belgeBrugge - la pompe du Marché-aux-oeufs 3

Thirty-two years after our first exhibition on Belgian fountains, twenty-seven years after the opening to the public of the Water and Fountain Museum, we are particularly pleased   to present this new temporary exhibition.

We do not pretend to be exhaustive about all fountains in Belgium, but simply to provide you with a brief photo overview, that may lead you to wish to discover others.

The leaflet "A la découverte de fontaines en Belgique" (available only in French) will take you through the history, the legends, and the description of some hundred Belgian fountains.

du 2 january 2017 au 2 september 2017

Overijse - fontaine "De Kelle 2" Faucquez - la borne-fontaine 2 Ath - la pompe Hennepin Limbourg - fontaine de la Vierge 2 Bruxelles - fillette à la coquille 3 Namur - pompe de l'Ange 1 Grammont manneken pis 1 Antwerpen-puits "Quinten Matsys" 23